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Rates and Insurance Information

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Fee Schedule & Pay As You Go Discounts

Our fee schedule is posted here. These are the charges we bill to insurance and what cash pay patients will base their charges on before discounts are offered. We offer Pay As You Go and Packages Discounts.

Insurance Accepted

We are currently accepting the following Insurance companies.  It is always important to check with your specific company to ensure you have benefits.
  • Aetna (In network)
  • Blue Card (In network)
  • BlueCross BlueShield (In network)
  • Cigna (In and Out of network)
  • HealthNet (In network)
  • Moda (In network)
  • Pacific Source (In network)
  • Providence (In network)
  • Quantum Health (Out of network)
  • TriWest / VA
  • United Health Care (Out of network)
  • UMR (Out of network)
  • Motor Vehicle Insurance
  • Workers' Compensation (with exception of SAIF)

Insurance Information for Verifying your Benefits

We are happy to bill insurance for you, provided you have coverage for acupuncture.​ If your benefits are not confirmed before your first appointment we will collect the full Fee Schedule charge and happily reimburse you once your plan has reimbursed for your treatment.

Please contact your company before arriving for your appointment, and follow the prompts below.

  • Name of Representative and/or Reference #

  • Does my plan have Acupuncture benefits?

  • Is Authorization required?

  • Is there different benefits for in and out of network?

  • What is my Copayment or Coinsurance?

  • Annual Deductible, is there one?

  • What is the Plan Year?

    • January to December 31 OR?

  • What are maximums?

    • Maximum # of visits per plan year OR

    • Maximum dollar amount per plan year ?

"I have been a patient of Michelle for many years and she always exhibits a professional yet caring manner. She is careful to take the time to explain any treatments she is recommending and is a great partner in my health care. I highly recommend her services to anyone looking for a wonderful acupuncturist." ~ Janice E.

"This was my first ever acupuncture appointment. It was a very positive experience and Michelle made me feel very comfortable. I especially appreciated the time she took to explain things to me and answer any questions I had. I didn't feel rushed at all. I look forward to my next visit." ~ Olive A

"Michelle Blackwood is extremely knowledgeable in acupuncture. She is warm, comforting, professional and sincere. Her cupping is my favorite. Thank you Michelle for your expertise." ~ Quinn S