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Patient Testimonials

Healthier, pain free lifestyle

"I'd had pain in my back and right leg since my back surgery in 1997. I tried pain pills, physical therapy and cortisone injections. Then - I met Michelle Blackwood and acupuncture. After three visits is my back was 99.9% better. Michelle is treating my whole body not just the painful areas. With proper eating, herbs, exercise and a better understanding of myself - I am set to living a healthier, pain free lifestyle. "Acupuncture Works." ~ Jean M.

Caring and compassionate

"Michelle is caring and compassionate. I have gone many times and am always happy with her services. She will give you things you can do at home to help with your problem, like hot/cold therapy information or pressure points to use." ~ Debbie S.

"Why not? I've tried everything else."

"Thank you Michelle. I had a two year period where I had severe pain in my right side and right lower ribs on a daily basis. It often kept me from doing activities I needed to do. I sought medical help many many times and was given several types of medication to help the problem but nothing helped at all. I had diagnoses from gallbladder problems to costalchondritis. Finally after many tests and many visits with various doctors I was told I would just have to live with the pain. My mother suggested that I try acupuncture under the care of Michelle Blackwood since nothing else had helped. I was extremely skeptical but thought "Why not? I've tried everything else." Never having had acupuncture I wasn't sure what to expect, but Ms. Blackwood put me at ease and it turned out to be a good experience. The real surprise came when suddenly I didn't have that pain anymore! Each day I expected the pain to return but it didn't Now, many months later, I will get an occasional twinge but nothing like the incapacitating pain I had previously. The acupuncture took care of a problem that traditional medicine couldn't even touch. I would confidently recommend Ms. Blackwood for professional, caring help. She is very skilled at what she does and can provide a great deal of help." ~ Erin L.

Get back to living

I found Michelle on Google and saw that she had great reviews. She was able to get me in for a treatment very quickly. What a warm and friendly and knowledgable lady! In addition to the acupuncture she went over some dietary changes I might want to make and also gave me some specific exercises to do to augment the acupuncture and get me back into pain-free living. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone considering acupuncture. Thanks Michelle! ~ Diane R.

Low back pain

"Before I came to see Michelle I had constant lower back pain that affected my daily activities. After 2-3 appointments I was feeling about 75% better. After the fourth appointment the pain was gone. I continue to see Michelle now to maintain my level of comfort. The sessions are incredibably relaxing and enjoyable. I have never seen a needle, nor do I care too, and I rarely feel any pain. Not only did Michelle help relieve my pain she has helped me to find a healthier lifestyle." ~ Kimberly W.

I enjoy cupping the most

Absolutely AWESOME! Never felt better!!! I enjoy cupping the most, I find it very relaxing and healing. I find a lot of comfort in cupping. Michelle is very good at finding the trigger points causing my pain and once the needles are placed I begin feeling better. Michelle is very understanding, caring and listens well. Her goal is to help me (and others) to feel better and get back to living a normal healthy life without pain. Michelle is very talented, knowledgeable and I'm lucky to have found her. Michelle has helped me in many ways and I'm very thankful for her ability to know exactly what to do. Thanks Michelle! You Rock! ~ Judy B

Relief from arthritis and hot flashes

"I am an RN who has been schooled in traditional medicine and currently work in the medical field. Over the past two years I have suffered from arthritis of the knees and hip bursitis, which has gone largely unrelieved by traditional medicinal measures. In some desperation I decided to try acupuncture. I sought help through my OB-GYN's office where Michelle Blackwood was a practitioner of acupuncture. I was skeptical and then quite surprised at the relief I received from acupuncture. The relief was not permanent but allowed a period of time of significant improvement. I will often seek treatment when I know I have an activity coming up which will require my knees to be at their best and it always helps. Michelle is very professional, yet gives a very helpful personal touch which I have found inviting. Again, about two years ago, I began to be plagued by hot flashes. Being informed about the negative risks of hormone therapy I tried m;any other measures including over the counter medicines and herbal remedies with very little success. One day I read an article about women who received some relief from hot flashes through acupuncture. I asked Michelle about treatment for this condition. I was truly excited when I found that the problem was significantly improved for me. I would say that I had a 75% reduction in symptoms that would last for a couple of months. Contrast that with taking daily medications orally which gave little to no relief. I have recommended this treatment to my friends and associates who suffer like symptoms and am quite a proponent. I will continue to seek periodic acupuncture from Michelle and am interested as I age to see other aspects of my health which may be improved through this modality. I would recommend Michelle without hesitation to any who seek help with their health. She is a superb reactionary, knowledgeable and compassionate." ~ Linda L.

Fear of needles

"I was nervous for my first visit because of my fear of needles. Once in the room Michelle made all those fears go out the window. The treatments were very successful for what we were treating and then some. I even had my daughter come for treatment as well with just as much success. I would highly recommend Michelle to friends and family." ~ Mandy

Challenging life changes

"I came into Michelle for stomache issues. I was completely impressed with her calming meditations, knowledge and delightful demeanor, I was fearful of needles but within the first two minutes I trusted her completely. She has assisted me with detoxing my body, helped me achieve a calmer mental state and assisted me in self care, herbal therapy and nutrition. I underwent some of my most challenging times-divorce, career change, relocation and I can honestly say that acupuncture and massage helped me to stay positive. Thank you Michelle." ~Valerie D.

Riding my bike again

"When I first came to Ms. Blackwood I was in so much pain, that it was difficult to walk. I am now moving much better and looking forward to riding my bike again. The quality of care I have received has been outstanding. The offices are beautiful, the staff are caring and professional and I would recommend the talented Ms. Blackwood to anyone who wants to try acupuncture." ~ Christine B

My alternative to pain pills

"Until I met Michelle, I've never had acupuncture. I had so many aches and pains. My MD Docs just wanted to give me more pain meds. With acupuncture I could totally relax and not feel the pain. It was like I was floating in peace and comfort. I always tell others about Michelle. She is caring and gentle. I don't know what my life would have been like if I had never met her and her acpuncture skills." ~ Renee E.

Back to playing golf

"I developed tennis elbow in both of my elbows. After four months and no relief a co-worker with a similar condition referred me to Michelle. After two visits and no drugs, I had complete relief of pain. It’s been over a year and I’m working and playing golf pain free. I was completely satisfied and comfortable with the treatment I received from Michelle." ~ Jim M.

Pain management

"I first went to see Michelle Blackwood a year and a half ago for my left lower back. I had previously hurt the lower right back and had gone to a chiropractor several times only to relieve the pain for a short while. Each time the pain came back. After hurting the left side I told my brother in law about it and he had just been to an acupuncturist for his back and had great relief. Since Michelle  worked in my gynecologist's office I thought I would try her. On the first visit, I had trouble even getting out of the car without it hurting. After the first visit I had relief and after about 5 visits, the pain was gone. I have since then had her treat the right side which has improved greatly since her treatments. I recently have been seeing her for a knee problem which has significantly improved. I would much rather go to her rather than go to a conventional doctor that would just put you on muscle relaxers which would just temporarily fix the problem. Michelle provides such a relaxing atmosphere in her exam rooms and office that immediately makes you feel comfortable. She has a very gentle touch and gives you advice on things to try at home that will render relief. I would highly recommend Michelle to anyone for her healing hands as I have already done so and will continue to see her as needed." ~ Cindy J.

Getting back to my old self

"I first met Michelle when I was in severe pain after a car accident. I was being treated by a physical therapist because my muscles were in spasm and I could move my head very little. My doctor said I could go to the hospital or try acupunture. Now if someone had suggested acupuncture before I was in such pain I would have said "no thank you," I really do not like needles, I noticed significant improvement right away. Michelle did what she knows best to treat me and I could actually think. She was a big help for as long as I could continue to see her. I was unable to continue with acupuncture for a while and I again got to a point with limited movement and pain. I was able to go back to Michelle after a 3 or 4 months. She is such a big help in decreasing pain and increasing movement. I am back to my chores and I continue the treatments. I feel it will not be long before I will not have to have anymore treatments. I have really improved with acupunture. I have strongly recommended Michelle to my friends and co-workers. They really do not understand how much better they will feel and function. Michelle is easy to work with as far as scheduling appointments. She explains what she is doing to help you feel more at ease. The worse thing I could say about the treatments and Michelle is when your time is up she comes in and wakes you. You really want to stay longer. I encourage everyone I know to come in and give it a try. If you don't like it don't come back. I am confident that you will come back and even look forward to each appointment. I can not say thank you enough to Michelle for understanding my needs and helping me get back on track. I was really concerned about my life style until I met her. I am almost back to my old self again." ~ Kathy H.

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