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  • Michelle G Blackwood, LAc

Self Care Resources

What I am reading and listening to (available in print and on audible):

How Not To Age (Sequel to How Not To Die, which started me on a Delicious journey of whole, non processed foods) By Doctor Michael Greger

Dr. Greger’s personal story is inspiring (It is shared in the preface of his books). His childhood experiences led him to want to be a medical doctor focusing on optimal health rather than treating disease. His research is vast and the website Nutritionfacts.org is full of knowledge at no cost to users. Dr. Greger donates 100 percent of the proceeds he receives from all of his books to charity.

Daily Dozen Checklist video. There is also a Daily Dozen App available for iPhone and Android

A few of my favorite recipe websites for plant-based meals:'

There are so many I follow. I picked three for the Simple and Delicious, a Budget Mindset and Rich Flavors.

 * Simple and Delicious

Shane and Simple - A lovely man with a great weight loss and chronic illness success story. His recipes are DELICIOUS and less complex than many. 

 * Budget Mindset

Plantbased on a Budget - A young woman who started off on Facebook and is now quite well known. She continuously adds delicious recipes with lower priced ingredients.

 * Rich Flavors

Rainbow Plant Life - This woman introduced me to the Thanksgiving Spread that converted my husband and I to whole plant, minimally processed foods and eventually no dairy, eggs (which we ate a lot of) or meat. 

Helpful tools to guide your nutrition:

Try Veganuary - “Veganuary is an annual challenge run by a UK nonprofit organization promoting and educating about veganism by encouraging people to follow a vegan lifestyle for the month of January. Since the event began in 2014, participation has increased each year.” Wikipedia 

Plant-Based Whole30 Program - “Manifest your goals with the help of our Plant-Based Whole30® 5-day Meal Plan — curated by Whole30 and Daily Harvest dietitians. These 14 meals follow the Plant-based Whole 30 program rules. You can find out more at Whole30.com."

20 Kitchen Must Haves For Healthy Vegan Oil-Free Cooking - Reducing fat in the diet is often a misunderstood nutrition topic. It is true lowering fat will reduce your daily calorie intake and it can reduce strain on the  cardiovascular system if the fats eliminated are disruptive to cholesterol and cardiac function. The confusion comes from the idea all fat should be avoided. Healthy plant fats have been shown to be cardio-protective. Oil comes from plants but it is void of the fiber and nutrients of the plant it is taken from. For example, eating an avocado is nutrient rich, consuming only the oil is higher in fat and lacking the fiber, vitamins and minerals of the whole food. 

21-Day Plant-Based Plan for a Lighter, Happier YOU! - I enjoy the educational resource DailyOm. The courses are on a sliding scale fee, as low as $19 and $50 at the most. Here is a nice template of a plant-based meal plan to help you get started. 

Helpful tools to guide your movement:

Free 30 day Yoga with Adriene - A young woman who started off on YouTube and has more than 5 million followers. Her routines tend to be well choreographed for beginners and intermediate yoga practitioners. 

The Journey of a Cosmic Soul 31 Days of Free Yoga - A married couple who started off traveling the world and have settled in Costa Rica. Their routines are very varied, for the beginner to advanced yoga practitioners. 

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