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 I wish you a joyous New Year filled with good health, happiness and success! As I reflect on the past year, I am reminded of the incredible community we have built together. Your trust in me as a partner in your healing has continued to be the driving force behind my passion for acupuncture and overall wellness. I can not thank you enough for your commitment tohealth and inviting me on your journey. Health and wellness is an ever evolving process. I hope with the turn of each year you look back to where you once were, the improvements you have made to your self-care and know with dedication to yourself you play perhaps the most important part to aging with grace, preventing and possibly reversing illness.


Wishing you a year of happiness & vitality.

Michelle Blackwood


~Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. – Albert Einstein

What I am reading and listening to (available in print and on audible):

How Not To Age (Sequel to How Not To Die, which started me on a Delicious journey of whole, non processed foods) By Doctor Michael Greger


YouTube Video on “How Not To Age”

Dr. Greger’s personal story is inspiring (It is shared in the preface of his books). His childhood experiences led him to want to be a medical doctor focusing on optimal health rather than treating disease. His research is vast and the website Nutritionfacts.org is full of knowledge at no cost to users. Dr. Greger donates 100 percent of the proceeds he receives from all of his books to charity.

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Daily Dozen Checklist video. There is also a Daily Dozen App available for iPhone and Android

A few of my favorite recipe websites for plant-based meals:

Helpful tools to guide your nutrition:

Helpful tools to guide your nutrition:

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