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Thank you for your interest in acupuncture. 

A holistic way to improving your health

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It is my joy to help each person who comes to my office find greater ease and inspiration in their life.  Symptoms such as anxiety, depression, stress, PTSD, pain, reduced mobility, impaired function and reduced motivation hinder out vitality. Each of these conditions can be positively affected using Oriental Medicine - which includes acupuncture, acupressure, ear point stimulation, herbs, nutrition, cupping, guasha, Qi Gong and mindfulness. 

In Chinese culture, the achievements of happiness prosperity and longevity are seen as the attributes of a good life. Longevity (寿) is a traditional symbol for the birthday decoration of elder people. Quality and longevity of life are seen as more than the absence of disease and the years that we live. It is about ones environment, friends and family, knowledge, a life purpose. All aspects of our life contribute to making us healthy.

As we work together, I aspire to provide you with a healing experience that is personalized to meet your individual needs. Your treatments are designed in the appreciation that each patient is an unique individual and treating the person rather than "the disease" is my promise. In the spirit of happiness, prosperity and longevity I will work with you to achieve your goals and a more fulfilling life of optimal health and well-being. 

                                         Together in Health, Michelle G Blackwood

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