Instructions for our online scheduling software

Something meant to be so simple is sometimes not working correctly. It is our hope that the following tips will guide you through any bumps. And, please feel free to go about scheduling the old fashioned way, give us a call 503-665-9355. Warm Regards!


~ If you are New to the office you will be the 4th appointment type at  the bottom of the options. Please expect to have a link to your new patient intake forms in your confirmation email

~ For most Return visits you will be the 1st appointment in the list.

~ If you are a Return visit and need herbal refill when you arrive you will be the 2nd in the list and please be sure to list what you will need  refilled.

~ If you have been receiving acupuncture for a while and have been informed a Re-evaluation is planned, you will be the 3rd option on the  list and please expect to have a link to your forms in your confirmation  email

~ If you have been a previous patient but not in for some time OR  coming in for a new condition, you will be the 3rd option on the list.  Please expect to have a link to your re-evaluation forms in  your  confirmation email.



~ There are some time slots available that do not show up on the online calendar. If you don’t see what you need. Please click on the Waitlist link at the bottom of each page.

** Waitlist is only visible if the day you are looking at is within 7 days of the current calendar day.

** If you are trying to schedule an appointment that is more than a  week out, the waitlist option will not be visible at the bottom  of the screen.

** Please don’t hesitate to contact us directly by phone 503-665-9355 or at, and we will get  you on the Waitlist or find an appointment that works for you.



~ If you cannot follow your email confirmation to the link to cancel. Please contact the office and we will cancel it for you. OR

~ Please leave us a note in the “Add comments here” box above the “Book” button when you schedule the new appointment, notifying us that you are double booked and we will cancel the original appointment for you.

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